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Smart BLE ID Cards 

BLE Beacons + GPS + Indoor Navigation 

Real-time Tracking Items in Transit

Imagine having the to ability to monitor every asset individually, end-to-end, across the supply chain? With TAGUARD , you can.

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Pulling Rope for SOS
SOS Button

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Taguard BXP Temperature Monitoring 

BLE Mobile Gateway App 

Converts your mobile into a BLE Gateway

What is Bluetooth BLE ?

Bluetooth  BLE Beacons Broadcast there data information telemetry which a smart phone can receive. The Smartphone can receive information from all the beacons simultaneously . It doesn't need to pair and receive data .

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Android Bluetooth IoT and iOS Bluetooth IoT

How Will Bluetooth-Enabled IoT Devices Dominate the Market?According to ABI Research, by 2024, IoT end markets will represent 31% of total Bluetooth device shipments, surpassing smartphones. Industrial adoption of energy harvesting solutions will enable devices with extended battery life or no batteries, reducing deployment and maintenance costs for IoT fleets. This, along with software advancements from various companies, will drive the widespread use of Bluetooth-enabled IoT devices across multiple applications, solidifying their dominance in the tech market.

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Beacon is SOS button, designed for hospi...

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TAG S1 Door Open Close Monitor

Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0/5.0

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IBeacon Asset Tracking Beacons

Bluetooth 5.0 Beacon
Easy-to-replace CR2477 battery, 4-years battery life
IP67 Waterproof, small size dia...

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Under CSR Activities from 2023    -  2024 

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Banasthali Jaipur Campus II

​ IOT Training was conducted and faculty of Banasthali Jaipur Campus II  was trained on various use cases on…